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With age and the loss of mobility, many seniors are no longer able to keep up with their basic housework. And those with very low incomes cannot afford to hire someone to help.

Through a program at NexusBC, we are able to subsidize some of the cost of housecleaning, but the demand is steadily increasing and our resources are limited.

Our current funding cannot meet the need. This is why we are asking for your help.

For every donation of $60, a low-income senior will receive one month of supportive housecleaning.

And to a senior, a clean house means so much more.

It means having choice in where to live

Many studies show that maintaining independence is the most important factor to those within the aging population. A clean home means that a senior won't be evicted or forced to move into a care home. 

It means a healthy home  

A clean home reduces allergy and asthma symptoms, lowers stress and fatigue, and lessens the spread of germs.

It means a safe home  

Falls can be prevented by having a home that is free of clutter and slippery spots on the floor from food spills. 

It means having companionship

Most care homes have a strict no-pet policy and for an elderly animal owner the very thought of not having your furry companion by your side can be devastating.

It reduces loneliness

Our Better At Home cleaners chat as they work which alleviates some of the loneliness and isolation that a senior can face when they are homebound for long periods of time.

Every dollar makes a difference.

Thank you so much for your support.


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