Established in 1988, NexusBC Community Resource Centre is a community-based, non-profit and charitable organization. We offer programs, projects and services that serve and support seniors, vulnerable adults, job seekers, newcomers to Canada, and volunteers.

Our mission is to connect people with resources that support a healthy community, and we strive to be the premiere resource organization for those we serve.



NexusBC Community Resource Centre is a purpose-driven organization. This purpose drives our leaders and inspires our employees. It is our bold affirmation of why we do what we do.

  • To relieve conditions associated with aging by providing personal care and assistance to seniors.
  • To relieve conditions associated with poverty, lack of education, and disability by providing resources to access community services such as food banks, affordable clothing, affordable housing, and government benefits to individuals who experience socioeconomic, educational and/or mental health barriers.
  • To advance education by developing and implementing training programs that provide employment-related skills to those unemployed and underemployed.
  • To advance education by providing training to volunteers and connecting them to charitable organizations.
  • To provide a public amenity by establishing and maintaining access to community gardens in the City of Vernon for members of the public.
  • To advance education and relieve conditions of poverty by providing a series of in-person sessions and videos to help members of the public learn how to grow their own food.


NexusBC Community Resource Centre is governed by a community-based, volunteer Board of Directors.
A big thank you goes to this amazing Board of Directors:

Lynn Belsher


Greg Poirier


Barb Elgin


Cinda Carlston


Bob Carscadden


Paul Rayburn


Rob Vandersanden


Judy Hughes


We are always looking for new Board members who understand our community and can harness their skills to help support our community resource centre. If you are interested in being involved with shaping our organization, we invite you to contact our Executive Director, Pam Myers.

If you are interested in joining our Board Of Directors, please submit this form: Board Of Directors Application


Your interest in becoming a member of NexusBC Community Resource Centre signals a commitment and concern for those trying to improve their lives in our community, and becoming a member helps us secure funding and grow our organization to help more and more people who need it. There is no cost to become a member and you would only be asked to attend one meeting a year.

Please submit this form: Individual Membership Form


NexusBC currently has 17 staff members all of whom are passionate about what we do, driven to succeed and are connected to our community. We are always growing and recruiting new staff by adding employees who believe in our purpose and bring new capacity to our team.


Each year, NexusBC receives financial donations from individuals, families, groups, companies and organizations. Each and every one of them are our vital partners and members of the greater NexusBC family.

While the gifts that are donated range in dollar amounts from small to big, every single dollar counts! These funds directly support the implementation and delivery of our programs and services, in support of our community.

Thank you to our generous donors for investing in our community. Your support makes a real difference in the lives of many.

Beside is a list of our generous funders and grantors.