Are you concerned about the health and wellness of Vernon seniors? Here is your opportunity to get involved.

The Vernon Seniors Action Network [VSAN] is a coalition of community representatives working together to share information and resources, and address priority issues that impact the health and wellness of Vernon seniors.

VSAN Mission: Vernon Seniors Living Well

VSAN Vision: The community works together to identify and address the needs of Vernon Seniors

VSAN Goals: To listen to the collective voice of Vernon Seniors, caregivers and service providers in identifying priority issues; to seek and implement solutions that have mutual benefit and; to share information and resources among service providers and agencies

Download the 2022 Vernon Seniors Resource Guide

Last Published Newsletter: Spring 2021 (set to resume publishing in Fall 2022)

For more information, contact VSAN at [email protected]

VSAN’s activities and initiatives are sponsored by the Shuswap North Okanagan Division of Family Practice

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This is Lenore. At the beautiful age of 71 years old, she is living her best life thanks to support from NexusBC Community Resource Centre.

Lenore’s childhood story is not a happy one. It involves an alcoholic father and terrible mistreatment. Lenore never did marry, and instead worked hard and lived with her mom until her mom passed away in 2003.

Many seniors, just like Lenore, live alone in our community. Sometimes they are survivors of horrible childhoods. Too often they struggle to pay the rent and heat. They can afford only basic groceries. Fresh fruit and vegetables are too expensive. Medication costs can be high. Hearing aids, dentures and eyeglasses are often completely unaffordable.

These are the seniors that we at NexusBC work hard to support. With the assistance of some amazing volunteers, we help seniors fill out applications for benefits and subsidies, and file taxes for free so they continue to receive their benefits. We distribute hampers, gifts and coupons to those seniors in our community who need it the most. We provide rides to doctor’s appointments and to pick up groceries. We provide subsidized house cleaning and last, but certainly not least, we have a drop-in centre for information on affordable housing, transportation, counselling programs, home support and so much more.

In Lenore’s words . . .

“Where would I be without this help?”

There are so many seniors just like Lenore that need our help. Here are some examples of how your support can help transform lives:

  • A $5 contribution can ensure a senior has a ride to their doctors’ appointment.
  • A $15 contribution can ensure a senior has a ride to a medical test in Kelowna.
  • A $25 contribution supports a senior to get subsidized housing.
  • A $35 contribution can provide an hour of cleaning for a senior who has lost mobility.
  • A $50 contribution gives a wonderful Christmas gift to a senior who needs it the most.

Please give today. We have seniors waiting for your support and your gift will be put to work immediately.

95% of the money raised will go directly to our seniors programs. 5% of the money raised will go to keeping the lights on and other operational requirements.

It is donors like YOU that will enable our most treasured community members to be cared for and supported so they can live their very best lives.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


Safe Seniors Strong Communities is a partnership between NexusBC, the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan, the United Way of the Lower Mainland, local volunteers, non-profits and businesses to make sure that local seniors are staying safe and receiving the help they need.

If you know of seniors who need grocery or pharmacy pick-up and delivery, prepared meal delivery, phone or virtual visiting, please ask them to dial 211 or visit to sign up for services.

Once their information is collected, it is sent to NexusBC and through the help of our Better At Home Program volunteers, we will be meeting these needs.

If you want to volunteer, please visit

Thanks in advance to all our community partners, volunteers, small businesses and local non-profits who will be assisting with this process. It takes a village!