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A & E Private Home Care

We all worry to whom we can entrust our loved ones when they are unable to do if not some but most of their daily chores in life. We can’t do much for them because we have other things to do, that’s why most often we need to sacrifice our own time for your own self for them. I understand that its tiring and you need some break, you need to enjoy the summer, the lakes that we have here in Okanagan, go for a camping with friends and other family members. Go out of the province or even out of the country.

If you are this kind of busy person and searching for somebody to take care or attend the needs of your loved ones! I’m here to help you. I and my husband are both registered Healthcare Assistant or some called us Care aids. We worked in different facilities here in Vernon for years and I am confident that we already gain enough experiences to do this kind of job.

We are a private home care provider. We accept clients to stay in our place for years, months, or weeks it depends on your need and we help them on their daily chores. The only thing you need to do is bring them here in our place, visit them when you have time and leave the rest for us.

We highly recommend you to call us, for you to ask any questions you want. And we can book for a date for you to come and check the place.

Thank you so much for your time.

Services available in: Vernon

Tel: 250 307-6085

Email: [email protected]

Hourly rate: $3,500/mo for long term client. Respite $150/day


Tel: 250.545.0585
Email: [email protected]



102-3201 30th Street, Vernon BC V1T 9G3
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